These Regions pages give more information about the origins of the wines we promote.  We are focusing on and specialising in the French Region of Languedoc Roussillon, which is the biggest ‘vineyard’ in the world with some 300,000 hectares of vines in Languedoc with a further 130,000 hectares in Roussillon.

Until the implementation of the (then) European Economic Community (EEC), the Region had produced the huge quantities of low cost wine demanded by the French domestic market of the day.  The returnable one litre bottles with the unique shape and star logo, sealed with a plastic stopper capped with foil, are already an image of the past.  Even the notorious ‘vin plastique’ is a rare sight on supermarket shelves.

The EEC brought new nations’ production advantages into a formerly protected French market and suddenly Languedoc was under new and powerful competitive pressures.  With Spain’s accession to the EEC, the problems increased.  Radical change was essential for survival.

The response to this challenge has been mixed.  Those who started early and have continuously innovated are now producing some of the best wines in the world.  There are some who have not started yet, who have to sell their wine to bulk blenders producing undifferentiated wine because the quality of their cultivation warrants no more.

Languedoc now produces the ‘new world wines of the old world’.  The majority of the wines are not typically nor traditionally French, such as in the style of Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire nor Alsace.  They are still proudly French, but they are new French.  Most regional producers are experimenting, innovating and taking risks the old established wine styles could not afford.  For those who can enjoy such things, this is an incredibly exciting period for Languedoc Rousillon and thus European wine.  Amphora seeks to help you share this adventure.  Discover the Sud de France with us.

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