Client Tastings

Amphora Wine Tastings for Private and Corporate Clients and Charities

Amphora specialises in providing wine to a wide range of clients for a variety of purposes.  These include:

  • Selecting wines; clients may wish to have a guided tasting to select wines for their own consumption, for dinner parties, and for special events such as weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations.
  • Learning about wine; a guided tasting of a range of carefully chosen wines with different characteristics is an excellent way to learn more about wines.
  • Learning how to taste wine; Amphora uses the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust approach to wine tasting.  Using this well-established, structured approach can greatly enhance the wine drinking experience and can also assist in recording observations about individual wines for future reference.
  • Entertainment; wine tastings can be both entertaining and educational.  Amphora specialises in providing tastings as entertainment for both private and corporate customers.  In addition to a wine tasting itself, Amphora can provide a variety of tailored audio-visual presentations on many subjects concerning wine, from the history of wine, through current practice in both viticulture and viticulture, the producers and their vineyards and on how to taste, choose, store and serve wine.

A typical wine tasting

Every tasting is different and the format can be adapted to suit the needs of the host.  A discussion of the host’s requirements and options available should take place well in advance of the event.  A typical Amphora wine tasting would last one to two hours and would involve· The Amphora Team (normally two, for larger tastings, three) would arrive about 60 minutes prior to the event.· Depending on the number of people attending the tasting, two to four 6 foot tables covered with white tablecloths would be required.  These can be provided by Amphora.

  • Amphora would bring the wines at the correct temperature and would open them and set them out.  Amphora uses its own ice buckets and can provide ice if necessary.
  • Each person tasting is normally expected to use the same glass for all wines.  If necessary, Amphora can provide glasses.
  • Amphora would also bring all relevant literature and accessories and specialist equipment required for the tasting.
  • The hosts would be asked to provide jugs of fresh water.
  • Bread and biscuits and other finger food should normally be available to tasters to help with refreshing their palates.  Strong smells and flavours should be avoided.  Food may be provided either by the host or by Amphora.
  • As people arrive for the tasting, and they are generally given a partially filled glass of sparkling wine to prepare their palates.
  • A well-poured tasting should enable 15 tastings per bottle.
  • If a formal presentation is to be given by the Amphora team this normally occurs at this stage.  Seating should be provided by the host.
  • If there is to be a quiz, the briefing would be given at this stage and any question and answer sheets would be issued.
  • After any presentation, people are invited to start the tasting.  The general advice is to start with whites, move on to rosés, then reds and to finish with any dessert wines. The Amphora team will be close at hand throughout the tasting to answer questions and provide information.
  • Near the end of the tasting, the winners of any quiz would be announced and prizes awarded.
  • At the end of the tasting Amphora would typically need about half an hour to pack up and remove the wines and equipment.
  • Typically Amphora would not sell wine to be taken away from the tasting.  Normally orders are placed and Amphora delivers the wine direct to clients in the days following the tasting.

Business Terms

Staff Time.

  Tastings for up to 30 people require a team of two, depending on the chosen format. For larger tastings three or more would be required.

Wine Costs.

  Bottles of wine opened for use in the tasting are billed at standard catalogue prices.  Usual Amphora bulk discounts (3% to 8%) apply depending on quantities.  Partially used bottles are left with the host.

Glasses, ice buckets and other equipment

.  The use of such equipment provided by Amphora is included in the fee.  However excessive breakages and/or losses may result in an additional charge.

Presentation and Quiz

.  The costs of presentations and quizzes are included in the fee.  Amphora uses its own projector, power leads and screen for presentations.


  The Amphora team normally travel to and from the event in a company vehicle with all the wine and other equipment.  Motoring mileage is billed at 40p per mile.

Cost Estimates are based on:

Tastings for fewer than 15 people
Tastings for 16 to 50 people
Tastings for 51 to 100 people
Tastings for more than 100 people

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