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Amphora - specialists in wines from the Languedoc where they have been making wine for 26 Centuries

Wine has been made and enjoyed for thousands of years.  Wine and other highly valued liquids, such as olive oil, were transported by ancient civilizations, such as Phoenicians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, from where they were made to where there was demand.

The Greeks produced many beautiful designs of liquid containers.  One form in particular, the amphora, was designed and constantly refined for the transport of wine, oils and the like, to the far flung corners of the Greek world.  Ancient amphora have been discovered at archeological sites on land and on the ocean floor throughout the Classical world.

We believe that the amphora encapsulates many themes, which are at the heart of our enterprise and our passion for wine;  it is about containing, conserving and transporting the valuable liquid;  it emphasises the ancient heritage of wine and its cultural consequences;  it represents a beautiful and functional set of forms and shapes in its own right; and it implies travelling and the voyage from source to the point of consumption.

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